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Sleep Awareness Workshops & Seminars now delivered online

Millpond sleep clinic have been commissioned to train health professionals for both the NHS and HSE since 2007; to date we have trained over 5000 health and teaching professionals. We have also delivered sleep seminars for a wide range of corporate companies including Google, Macfarlanes, Credit Suisse and Citi Group. Working closely with both mainstream and special needs schools, we have developed seminars for both parents and pupils.

All of our workshops and seminars are led by Mandy Gurney and Juliet Newson; both are registered nurses, midwives and health visitors. As leading UK sleep consultants for over 20 years, they bring their wealth of expertise, experience and knowledge to the day.

We have delivered workshops from Southern Ireland to Wales and to all corners of the UK, if you would like to commission Sleep training for your staff, we can come to you.

Our workshops are fully certified and accredited by the CPD Certification Service for 6 hours CPD and are firmly rooted in evidence based practice.

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Tuesday 29th June 2021 - £140
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Our Sleep Awareness Workshop for Professionals


When a child doesn’t sleep well it can impact on the whole family. More and more research points to how sleep deprivation is linked to a wide range of physical and emotional conditions for both a child and their parent.

Our one day workshop aims to provide professionals with evidence based knowledge to develop their theoretical and practical understanding of how to assess and manage behavioural sleep difficulties in infants and children.

It is an opportunity for you to enhance your sleep knowledge and add skills to your current professional tool box and tap into our many years of experience. The content will focus on practical issues relating to sleep assessment and identify interventions to assist the infant / child and their families.

Workshop Aims

  • To provide community staff with up-to-date evidence based knowledge to develop their theoretical and practical understanding of sleep needs; sleep patterns; sleep cycles and common difficulties.
  • To support community staff to enhance their confidence, skills and knowledge base in providing guidance to parents regarding sleep difficulties in infants and children.
  • To provide an overview of evidence based interventions used to help behavioural sleep difficulties in infants and children.

Learning Outcomes

With the use of assessment tools – by the end of the day delegates will be able to:

  • Understand typical sleep regulations, sleep needs and sleep cycles.
  • Understand common sleep difficulties.
  • Provide education to families on establishing good sleep hygiene, and provide anticipatory advice in the prevention of sleep difficulties.
  • Understand how to undertake a sleep assessment for an infant and child, incorporating a sleep history and the use of a sleep diary.
  • Gain an understanding of common sleep interventions used to help behavioural sleep difficulties in infants and children.

Next Workshop:

Tuesday 29th June 2021 - £140
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  • This training day has been very positively received by all members of the health visiting team. Staff feel better equipped to assess and provide advice on interventions that are evidence based to support parents. I strongly recommend that all clinical staff attend this extremely valuable training."
    Carol Adams, Clinical Educator Health Visiting. Lewisham NHS Trust
  • Within my role as Infant Feeding Specialist - we have a large volume of mothers worried that their child is not sleeping, often equated to feeding concerns - this workshop has provided me with more in-depth strategies to support families with sleep issues. Lots of interesting research to follow-up and incorporate into my practice."
    D Wilson, Infant Feeding Specialist
  • The HSE National Programme ‘Nurture’ engaged Millpond to deliver an extensive number of sleep workshop to registered public health nurses in the Republic of Ireland during 2018/19. Millpond provided an excellent professional service. They were open and willing to engagement and adaptation of the UK sleep programme to local needs. Feedback from the workshop participants was excellent. The Millpond trainers were flexible in developing the programme timetable and workshops were delivered over a wide geographical area in a timely and efficient manner.
    Virginia Pye, National Lead for Public Health Nursing, HSE
  • The landscape around children’s sleep is increasingly expansive and changing. Millpond’s up-to-date training meets the need to adapt to growing trends in child sleep challengers. Fully comprehensive and nurturing in their approach; encompassing all essential holistic and trending aspects in fully supporting a child’s emotional wellbeing to maximising a child’s sleep potential.
    Rozanne Hay, UK Representative & Director of Continuing Education for the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants
  • I think this on-line course was presented very well, to a high standard.
    S Jelley, Community Nursery Nurse, Ceredigion
  • I have my Diploma in Children’s Service’s and have worked with wee ones (aged between 12weeks and 3 years) for 15 years, as a Nanny and within centers. Honestly, I think the course was brilliant. I loved it being online; it allowed for a ‘hands-up’ system which I think saves time and the content was so relevant, so much better than expected!
    Jane, Nanny, London

Our School Sleep Workshop for Teachers, TAs, School Nurses and Staff who work with the School Aged Child

Helping the school aged child sleep well

workshop 2

Sleep is an essential part of staying healthy both physically and emotionally and fits well with the new Government led Child Well-being Checks starting across UK schools from 2020. Studies show a direct link with sleep and learning ability, academic performance, memory, anxiety, depression and obesity.

Children are having far less sleep than their parents’ generation with numerous studies showing as many as 61% of teens not having enough sleep on a nightly basis. Children need on average 10 hours sleep every night.

From the workshops we run for school children we’ve seen that they are keen to understand what sleep means and take responsibility for making sure they do the right thing.

If you’ve got children that are particularly disruptive in your class, the chances are they aren’t getting enough sleep.

Teaching children about the importance of
sleep is as straightforward as teaching the ABC.

  • In just a day we can train teachers, school nurses and teaching assistants to deliver classes to their pupils on sleep and enable them to offer support and education on sleep to parents.
  • The workshop is fully certified and accredited by the CPD Certification Service for 6 hours CPD and is firmly rooted in evidence based practice.
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  • I will use my new skills and knowledge to empower parents with parent talks, invite parents to school to discuss bedtime routines and cascade learning to the rest of my school following today’s training."
    D Neale-Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.
  • Really great to leave with a sense of a Tool Kit to support the children and families I work with."
    T Harold- School Health Nurse and Community Practice Teacher
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Seminars for Parents

mothercare 2

Our seminars give parents the opportunity to learn more about children’s sleep, their sleep cycles and sleep patterns. How to set up healthy sleep habits, how to prevent sleep problems and how to implement a range of sleep solutions.

We offer bespoke sleep seminars, tailored to meet parents’ needs.

For convenience seminars can be delivered face to face in your workplace or school. Each lasts 60 to 90 minutes and includes a presentation and a Q / A session.

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Examples of Our Seminars

1. An overview of healthy sleep and strategies for babies through to pre-school.

This seminar is for parents of babies through to the pre-school child who wish to learn more about the science behind their child’s sleep and what tried and tested techniques they can consider to both prevent and address any on-going sleep problems.

2. How to help the school aged child sleep well.

In this seminar we cover the sleep issues that are common to the school aged child and how parents can help their child sleep better.

There is a common myth that sleep issues are rare in the school-aged child but research shows an increasing number of young children spend their formative years chronically sleep deprived. For example a third of parents of four to ten year olds report at least one sleep problem, most commonly difficulties such as fighting bedtime and problems falling asleep.

Lack of sleep can result in impaired academic performance, reduced memory capacity and behavioural issues. It is also shown to strongly correlate with increased risks for a spectrum of health problems including obesity and emotional concerns.

3. School sleep seminars for parents of children with additional needs

Our school seminar is tailored specifically for parents with children who have learning difficulties and additional needs.

If you would like us to commission a seminar for you please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

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  • I attended the workshop you did at Oakleigh special school. I wanted to say it was wonderful. I learned lots of new things and was impressed by your extensive knowledge about sleep, especially that it was backed up by research. Thank you."
    T Nicholls
  • “As part of Mothercare's community programme, Mandy hosted two 2 sleep workshops for parents. Parents were tremendously keen to attend and to get the best advice about good sleep practices for both babies and young children. Mandy's sessions met the parent’s needs, resulting in parents feeling more confident and empowered afterwards. I have no hesitation in recommending Mandy to host a workshop on children's sleep whether to parents or professionals. It's thought provoking, interesting and contains good practical advice that works, so making sleep times easier and less stressful for both the child and the parent.”
    Mothercare's Parenting Consultant, Liz Day
  • I worked for 15 years making science and medical documentaries for BBC television. In 2011 I created my own digital company; Essential Parent (EP) to support new parents. EP works with the NHS, maternity hospitals, children's centers and local authorities around the UK. We chose Mandy Gurney as our sleep expert from many other possible candidates, since she was the only one who combined enormous authority, experience and knowledge, along with common sense and warmth. It's a very rare combination of qualities and one which has served our parents, midwives and health visitors really well. We're enormously proud to be working with her - and we know just how lucky we are!”
    Diana Hill, Essential Parent

We have delivered workshops & seminars
from Southern Ireland to Wales and all corners of the UK.

Bart’s Health NHS Trust
BBC Learning Starting School Project, Berkshire
BCUHB Rhyl & Caernarfon
Cambridgeshire Community Services
Central London Community Health
Conwy Flying Start
Cumbria NHS Trust
East Sussex Healthcare Trust, First Community Health & Care Surrey
Flying Start Flintshire
Guy’s & St. Thomas’ NHS Trust
Gwynedd & Anglesey
Hastings & Rother
Healthy Schools Project Southend-on-Sea
Hounslow & Richmond Community NHS Trust
Kensington & Chelsea
Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust
KIDS Hertford & Watford
LEAP (Lambeth Early Action Partnership)
North East London
Oxleas NHS
Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust
Suffolk County Council
The Lloyd Park Children’s Charity
The Royal Marsden NHS Trust
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